Blind As A Bat


Both ‘proms’ and ‘balls’ have become synonymous with ‘mayhem’ in my dictionary. Although it’s a time of celebration and freedom to enjoy yourself, chaos always ensues in the hours, days, weeks and months that lead up to the occasion. There’s this expectation – especially for us females – to find the “perfect” outfit, have matching shoes, plan your hair, nails, makeup, how to travel to the event, and blah blah blah.

It can be exhausting. And stressful.

Worse of all, I moronically chose not to wear my glasses that evening, in spite of already knowing that I ran out of contacts. So, my first ball at uni (a Christmas Ball), was blurry. Literally. The amount of times I embarrassed myself, waving at someone who I believed was greeting me, were too many to count. Squinting was my only form of solace in attempting to identify the faces amidst the horde of fuzzy figures and I’m certain I looked like I was sleepwalking with my eyes half-closed. Though, I suppose I only have myself to blame.

Having said that, it would be completely unfair to think that my first ball at uni only turned out to be an eye-blinding experience. I was surrounded with people who I loved hanging out with, and even though it was handwork figuring out what to wear for the night, it was nice to see everyone dressed up in fancy clothing. The sweat and tears of decision-making paid off in the end.

Even with my lack of sight, I could tell the room’s decorations were illuminating and it definitely put me in the Christmas spirit! There was a three course meal; it may not have been 5-star worthy, but it still filled up my stomach, which is good enough for me. A raffle also took place to curb the appetite of competitive students in winning prizes if their raffle ticket numbers were called out. In fact, one of my friends won. She scored a comic book stand (in theory), though she still has yet to receive the actual item.

As a whole, I had an epic time. It didn’t matter that I was as blind as a bat. Besides, with a photo-booth at the corner of the room and a camera man lurking around, who needed glasses anyway? They captured and commemorated the moments I saw in my poor vision with more clarity. You only need to see the picture below to prove the sincerity of my sentiments.



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