We Are The Champions

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 14.39.33

It’s funny how strangers can band together and unite against a common enemy. Derby Day, an annual competition of sports between UEA and Essex University, somehow brings this out in students across campus, no matter what degree they study.

Even I was roped into the temporary confederation during the occasion, despite the fact that I neither played nor represented our uni in any way. You just can’t help feeling pumped for the event.

There was something in the atmosphere that day which filled me up with enthusiasm and made me cheer at the top of my lungs for people I’d never met before, performing a sport I never cared about. In fact, I actually bought a shirt from our campus shop that had a customised design to correspond with the affair for Derby Day. Admittedly, it was an unnecessary purchase but I don’t regret it at all. After all, the shirt is an homage of the first Derby Day I’ve ever attended, a token to remember the epic time I had.

I went to see the football match, the rugby match, the hockey match, the volleyball match, the boxing match… The feeling of the unknown on who would triumph in each game, made it tense and exhilarating. I sincerely had a blast. Although, I suppose we were also rather lucky that the sun made an appearance from its long hibernation during winter. It was a nice change that helped to lift everyone’s spirits.

Being declared the overall winner at the end of Derby Day was like being treated to a free dessert of cake after an already delicious, contenting meal. The cherry on top was the added bonus of UEA having won the ‘Champions’ title for the 5th time in a row! Congratulations are most definitely in order for everyone who participated.


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