Clyde & Co

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I had the privilege of being saved a spot to attend the finale of the Beginners’ Client Interviewing competition, which was held at the Clyde & Co London office, a well-renowned global firm. (The perks of having been a contestant and making it through to the semi-finals).

On the coach journey from uni to London, there was a little mishap that occurred in the form of road rage. A large white van had blocked our path on the way and it just happened to be parked at a double yellow line. Our own driver was happy to point this out, openly honking his horn whilst bellowing to the other driver he was ‘f**king stupid’ for being so inconsiderate and for failing to follow simple rules. Needless to say, swearing didn’t help our case. The other stubborn driver refused to move.

What a bright welcome to the capital city.

Apparently our driver is normally calm and reserved; it was out of character for him to raise his voice and display such fury. He apologised to us, stating his reaction was primarily due to how he didn’t want us to be late for the event. Although we made it in the end to Clyde & Co in time and, ironically, it was our hosts that day who ended up being late.

We helped ourselves to a buffet for lunch and some drinks, relaxing on the comfy sofas and chattering away. When a horde of lawyers finally turned up, everyone got the chance to network. It was nice to get to know what each employee did in the firm and get a sense of what the working environment at Clyde & Co is like. That lasted for half an hour, before the Grand Finals started.

As much as I’d like to say that both competitors were equally great and that it was difficult to decide who would end up winning, this was one instance where I had no doubt who the champions were. One pair shone more than the other, and it came as no surprise that they took first place. I was happy for them. Even rooted for them. They deserved it!

Clyde & Co gave us a private tour of their buildings after the winners were announced. And it was at this time that I fell in love with the place. I’d definitely apply for vacation schemes there. You never know, somewhere way in the future, I might actually end up working there too – wishful thinking, I know – but a girl can dream.

More networking with new lawyers occurred after the tour. This didn’t work in my favour considering that there was free, unlimited alcohol being served, and I’m a notorious light weight. Hopefully, my pink cheeks weren’t too noticeable…


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