Surprises Suck!


I normally like surprises. Correction: I normally like surprising people. But when people surprise me, we’ve got a problem. As a matter of fact, if someone ever threw me a surprise party, I’ll probably cut them out of my life without hesitation. Now, I’m aware that this double standard makes me a hypocrite, yet I can’t summon enough care to even change this trait about me.

The first time I was thrown a surprise party – which also happened to be the last time – I realised then and there how much I despised being surprised. I remember I used to always wonder how I would react if someone did plan one for me and I got my answer on my 18th birthday. Apparently, my instinctive response was to run. If my older sister, who was beside me, had not grabbed my arm with the force of Superman, I would have sprinted off faster than people would have finished shouting ‘SURPRISE!’ at me.

As luck would have it, when I attended the Spring Ball 2017, it seemed I would get another traumatic experience of a surprise in my life.

Having applied for a position on the Law Society Committee for the next academic year, it was made known to the many other candidates that the individual who would get the role will be announced on that date. My mind had been set that I couldn’t have possible been offered the position considering that so many students applied – perhaps too many, even. And I’d accepted that even though I was a little bit disappointed.

So imagine how startled I was when they called out my name! Without a doubt, utter confusion and disbelief must have been clearly written on my face. It was so shocking that after standing up from my seat (since I was meant to go to the stage for a photo), I actually sat back down again believing I had completely misheard who they read out. My friends had to slap my shoulders to urge me onto the platform!

Surprises are so overwhelming, especially when they’re done right. I can’t say I’m a fan.


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